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st Business Management International Conference (BMIC)

Theme: “Managing Diversity for Sustainability”

Pattaya City (Thailand)

August 16-17, 2012

Main Host : Burapha Business School (BBS)
Faculty of Management and Tourism, Burapha University


1. Introductions

The fast changing world economy makes a wide range of diversity in different sectors (agricultural, industrial, service and etc.) It is urgent for the organizations in these sectors to improve and update their management for sustainability not only for coping with world economy but also for alerting to AFTA which is soon released.

Therefore, Faculty of Management and Tourism, Burapha University is organizing an international conference under the theme of “Managing Diversity for Sustainability” aimed to develop business’ and organization’s sustainability.

The conference provides a forum to exchange experiences and to discuss actual situation of diversity management as well as to develop potential concepts for the coming future. The gathering of important players both scholars and practitioners from academic and business agents will be a great opportunity to share knowledge and to reinforce cooperation.


2. Conference Scope

BMIC is initiating a new conference cycle under the theme of “Managing Diversity for Sustainability” where scholars and practitioner are invited to contribute to the following three major streams of discussion:

  • Review of theory and concept of diversity management

This section focuses on the review of theory and concept of diversity including dimensions of diversity. It encompasses implementation of theory and development of new diversity management theories.

  • Diversity in government sector

The focus of this section is on diversity management in government sector and other diversity affecting community. Some topics related to public utility and basic human rights will also be mentioned. Moreover, effective consultation and community engagement, service planning versus diversity and equality, and diversity and law will also be brought to discussion.

  • Diversity in business sector

This section involves organizational development leading to change management and to diversity in business functions such as marketing, accountancy, IT and etc. in a variety of industry. Communication especially language management, effects of expatriates to diversity and diversity creation for opening new markets will also be discussed.


3. Target groups

This conference is aimed for two major groups of participants:

  • Academic personnel are invited to present their actual research and to contribute for building interdisciplinary knowledge based on their scientific perspective.
  • Practitioners are invited to raise useful cases from their professional dilemma and context including latest trends and concepts related to diversity management which are interesting for future research.